Is Modafinil a “Smart” Choice for Bipolar Depression?

Modafinil, when first distributed throughout the pharmaceutical industry, got promoted as a way to treat people with sleep disorders, like narcolepsy. There have been reports that the drug can enhance memory and thinking. So, individuals without sleep issues would buy Modafinil to use as a “smart drug.” This unintended use of Modafinil has led researchers to find out more about the cognitive benefits of the medication. Upon further investigation and testing, the data shows the drug has promise as being a logical choice to treat bipolar depression.

Modafinil Is a Logical Adjunct for Depressive Symptoms

A few clinical studies performed over the last several years show there is a substantial promise for Modafinil to work well with the depressive symptoms people experience with bipolar. The reason researchers say it is a logical and useful adjunct for those symptoms is that depression typically comes with lethargy and fatigue. Since Modafinil is a stimulant, more and more studies reveal that experts should consider the cognitive effects of the medication in patients who have been unresponsive to known treatments for their depressive symptoms.

 The purpose for many of the recent clinical studies has been to rebuttal the arguments that people with bipolar disorder do not have cognitive defects to the magnitude of being problematic. An associate professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine believes part of the reason the deficiencies in mental function goes unrecognized is due to heterogeneity within the patients of the disorder. Some individuals can function at significantly high levels whereas others have difficulty with simple cognitive tasks.

Biological Soundness of Modafinil’s Efficacy

There was a study conducted in which 58 participants took either a placebo or a dose of Modafinil every day for six weeks. The results showed that the patients taking Modafinil had a 50 percent improvement in depressive symptoms. Although the data shows a few patients went to mania or hypomania while taking Modafinil, some doctors believe there is biological plausibility that the drug has considerable efficacy in treating cases of bipolar depression.

When people buy Modafinil, whether they do for sleep disturbances or cognitive deficits, the evidence increasingly continues to reveal case by case how the medication is a prime stimulant capable of treating multiple conditions. There is also talk of Modafinil being helpful with geriatric patients who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The scientific community isn’t ready to make it conclusive Modafinil is a bonafide brain performance enhancer. They are also not quick to promote the stimulant as a solution for patients who struggle with depression from bipolar disorder. There are still more tests and trials needed before the public will have endorsements for Modafinil in mental health by researchers. Nevertheless, people will continue to conduct their own informal, personal studies and buy Modafinil for the purposes they need.